Unico Small Duct Central Heating & Air Conditioning

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Comfort, value, and preservation of the architectural integrity of your home is our mission. Your family and friends deserve the finest in home comfort – a comfort The UNICO System provides without compromise!

Get Comfortable with an Innovative HVAC Solution from UNICO

What We Do For Homeowners

Whatever your home’s style, The UNICO System is the perfect fit. A superior central heating and cooling system with its innovative “aspiration” technology, warms and cools your house evenly and quietly. Our revolutionary flexible small ducts weave through the smallest spaces—ceilings, walls, even floors—so there is no need for costly, messy renovation.


Your home is your castle – or maybe it’s your bungalow, brownstone, or Victorian. Perhaps it’s a design the world has never seen before. Once installed, you’ll hardly notice The UNICO System. All you’ll know is that your home is perfectly comfortable – warm in winter, cool in summer, quiet all year round. You’ll feel more at home, and because The UNICO System doesn’t compromise the architecture of your house, even your home will feel more like royalty.

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